Jonah loves solving your hair problems.

When you sit in his chair, you will enjoy his outgoing and effervescent personality. Whether its a "colour correction" or "fixing" a haircut, his unique look at the world and style will shine.

Over 20 years experience in the international hair/fashion industry as a advanced design educator, film/photography stylist and growing up in the art/design community is what Jonah calls on to create your personalized look. With Redken’s Principle Based Design and Vidal Sassoon training, he is able to adapt the latest trends to your individual needs.

From consultations, and free fringe trims, to total look makeovers and colour corrections, he does it all. Including photo shoots and weddings. So feel free to drop him an email, call, or just pop by, when you want to book.

Gender Neutral Pricing Updating

It’s not about Gender anymore. It’s about your hair. What you came to us about.

The price of your haircut will be based on the length of your hair when you walk in through our salon doors.


This full service includes shampoo and blowdry.

Long (perimeter length at collar bone or longer) - $80.00

Medium (perimeter length at earlobe to shoulder length) - $65.00

Short (perimeter length shorter than at earlobe) - $50.00


You can add these services with any other service to enhance your style

  • curling iron or flat iron curls for $25 plus tax
  • conditioning treatment for $15 plus tax
  • flatiron smoothing for $25 plus tax
  • beard/moustache trim for $25 plus tax

Hair Colour

We recomend consultations before your haircolour to confirm the technique and pricing.

HIGHLIGHTS $110 and up based on technique and product use( timing => 90 min)

Highlights are applied strategically through your hair to add extra dimension by bringing a lighter shade to your overall colour. Highlights can be applied to look natural and work with your hair or a high contrast that fits the current trends.

FULL HEAD COLOUR AND FIRST TIME COLOUR CLIENT $90 and up based on 7" or shorter hair length (timing =>90 mins)

One step colour begins with a consultation with me, your colour expert. Together, we decide on the best haircolor for you. The colour is applied and you have a beautiful new colour in one easy step.

COLOUR RETOUCH $75 - returning clients (timing =<90 minutes)

This is based on a 6 week or less growth time between colour appointment. If there is more than 6 weeks regrowth a full head colour is needed.

FULL HEAD LIGHTENING Starts at $160 and up based on product use (timing =>120 min)

Sometimes referred to as, "lighten and tone", and usually needs a Shades EQ toner to refine the unwanted “undertones” .


It’s a colour conditioner designed to refine or enhance your highlights and colour.

$40 and like all colour applications this is based on the amount of colour used on your hair. If you have more than an average amount of hair cost an extra price will be added to represent the difference.


If you're blessed with long thick hair we may have to use more than the average amount and may be charged accordingly. Don't worry, I will tell you in the consultation.


Prices quoted during your in salon consultation only. Not over the phone or by messaging. We need to feel the condition of your hair.

Hair Styling

BLOWOUT STYLE $45 (timing =<60 min)

Your hair is shampooed, blow dried, and styled with a curling or smoothing iron and the perfect hair care products. You'll end up with a beautiful style that compliments your look.

FASHION STYLE/UPDO $95 and up (timing based on consultation)

Your hair on your big day reflects your personal style and overall look you're going for. Let Jonah help create beautiful cascading curls or a chic and sophisticated editorial style for you. Don't forget your practice consultation session as well we highly recommend it before booking your important appointments.

ScissorHex theSalon is dedicated to helping you maintain your new cut and style. Come in for your complimentary fringe trim every couple weeks to maintain your new bangs or fringe.


Tuesday 10-6pm
Wednesday 10-6pm
Thursday 10-8pm
Friday 10-8pm
Saturday 10-5pm
*Exceptions may apply